President Trump Tosses An Uninvited Mitt Romney Out Of The White House

Mitt Romney made a huge mistake this morning when he showed up at the White House to challenge President Trump’s decision to ban “refugees” from a bunch of African and Middle Eastern nations he can’t pronounce. According to the Secret Service, Romney was bounced from the property within minutes and told never to return.

White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Gilbert DeTater, says Romney has been pestering the President two or three times a week since he was elected:

“Mitt Romney thinks he has some kind of influence in the White House. He couldn’t be more wrong. Nobody here is interested in some wingnut who thinks he’s gonna use truth and logic against this President. After he voted to allow witnesses in a trial that the President may have lost if witnesses happened, the cord had to be cut.

“Romney has been told to never come back. He’ll be arrested as a terrorist and sent to Gitmo is he does.”

Romney made a statement to the press in Utah, saying that he went to the White House because he was invited for coffee and biscuits and to “work through his differences with the President,” only to be tossed out on his keister in a premeditated media event designed to enrage his “base of complete morons.”

None of that could be corroborated.

The bottom line, Mittens, is that nobody wants you in Washington. We’ve moved on from career politicians to career criminals who know how to work the system and get things done.

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