KC Quarterback Says,’I’m Going To Win This Game For Allah’

The truth is right in front of you

When most people look at the National Football League, they see a den of sin. The NFL appears to be a place without God, without faith without morals.

That’s why it is so refreshing when, every once in a while, a player reveals himself to be God-fearing and religious. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes is such a player. Unfortunately, his God is fake and his religion is a cult.

Mahomes is playing in his very first Super Bowl this weekend and he’s pretty excited about it. He’s excited because he feels that he is on a mission. A mission from God.

Mind you, it’s not the God that you were probably thinking of. Patrick is a Musslamic and so his God is the one named Allah. Nevertheless, that is who he is playing for, on a mission that he made public today.

“I will play this game for the one true God. I will win this game for Allah.

He has guided me throughout my life. He gave me my skills, he gave me my wisdom, he gave me my sense. He has given me a power beyond anything you can imagine.

With him behind me I can fly. I can breathe fire and shoot laser beams from my eyes.

I know that there are many Christians on the San Francisco 49ers. That false faith makes them inferior and they will fall to my unstoppable force.

The heavens will open up and Allah will guide my hands. He will strike down on the field any who oppose me. He will win the battle with the infidel symbolically on this football field and I, and my team who is joining me on this mission, will win the day.

God is great.

Just kidding! There’s no such thing as god. That’s a fairy tale.”

Bold words from a weak man. The Warriors of God on the 49ers will surely defeat him. And God will be victorious once again.

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