Mitt Romney’s Name Found In Epstein’s Personal Phone

The truth is right in front of you

It seems like those who lash out at President Trump the most all have something to hide. Since the arrest of Epstein last month, Trump has been receiving criticism from more and more people. Could there be a connection? It seems logical to think so.

And now details from the Epstein bust are confirming those suspicions. It’s been well reported that 14 key phone numbers were found in the personal phone of the infamous man and it was just a matter of time before those names leaked. The first has : Utah Senator Mitt Romney.

Romney has changed his tune with regard to the President since Epstein’s arrest, going from supporter to hater. The timing says it all. This is the news that Mitt didn’t want to get out and he wanted Trump gone before the President told the world, forr Epstein’s hobbies, which Mitt must have shared, were notoriously well known, a predilection for young girls being amongst them.

The Utah Senator joins a growing list of those found to have a connection to Epstein, including several other heavyweight politicians in addition to many from the Hollywood set - John Travolta, Ron Palillo, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, and more. Epstein’s slimy tentacles were everywhere.

One of Epstein’s Hollywood friends

Now that this news is out we should expect Mitt Romney to slither away, snake that he is. It’s doubtful that he will continue to put himself in the spotlight and draw attention to himself and, therefore, his criminal associations. If the people of Utah are lucky, he will even step down from his position soon.

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