Hillary Clinton Wants To Become Pope

The truth is right in front of you

Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2016 and lost. She’s never quite gotten over it and is seen in media interviews and on Twitter near daily complaining about how the presidency should rightfully be hers.

But lately she hasn’t been whining as much and now we know the reason why. Hillary Rodham Clinton has finally let go of the of the idea of becoming President of the United States of America and has set her sights on another appointment. She now wants to become the head of the Catholic Church. She wants to be the next Pope.

His name is “Prince.” He’s a bit of a chonk.

Her decision seems to have come about as a result of seeing dissatisfaction across America with the current resident of Vatican City, Pope Francis. Hillary has joined with many others in saying that Francis is a “fake pope,” and wants him removed. She feels there’s no better replacement choice than herself.

In her own words:

“I like Francis but a lot of people don’t so he probably won’t last long. That will open the door for a replacement. Somebody that the people love. Somebody that they would vote for in greater numbers than the opposition. I have some experience there.

When I ran for president, most of the people voted for me. Not Trump. They voted for me! I’m popular and the people love me.

So, I have a proven record and I’m confident that it would carry through to the international religious platform. That is why I, Hillary Rodham Clinton, intend to run for pope.


This woman has clearly lost her marbles. Why her husband and daughter don’t keep her from publicly speaking is anyone’s guess. They’re probably afraid that she’ll have them “suicided.”

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