Pence:’If We Allow God Back In Schools, There Will Be No More Shootings’

The truth is right in front of you

Vice-President Pence is a devout Christian who knows well the positive influence that God can have in the world if you do not deny Him and do His every bidding. He tries to involve the teaching of the Bible in all he does, both in his personal life and in government. This was expressed in his latest revelation.

In a discussion with Christianity advocacy group, the “Burgonya Christian Alliance,” about religion in education, Pence supported their desire to reintroduce faith teachings in public schools, and his main reasoning was sound - it would prevent future school shootings.

“Shootings and other violence in our schools are all too common. But are they any surprise? We’ve taken any reference to Jesus Christ out of our schools and are not letting our children know about His word.

We offer thoughts and prayers after the violence but the violence still recurs. Why is God not responding? Simple. He wants us to allow him back into the places of learning. God should be everywhere but in these buildings we’ve locked him out…and he’s mad.

If we allow God back into schools, then the school shootings will cease. God will help if he’s allowed to but we have blocked his hand.”

VP Pence continues to show why he was the perfect choice to be President Trump’s right hand. His words and ideas will put God back into the hearts of children.

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