AZ Gov. Ducey: The Pandemic’s End is Near

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey declared earlier today that the end of the pandemic is near. Ducey has refused to enforce any real protections for the citizens of Arizona and is best known for being completely loyal to *President Trump.

Ducey has steadfastly refused to wear masks, suppressed the case numbers, and fired the scientists who told him that the state was not ready to reopen.

One of those fired scientists, Sandy Batt, spoke out.

“He’s a believer in herd immunity. Of course, he doesn’t understand that herd immunity means that 70 percent to 90 percent of the population must be exposed to the virus and then immune.  There are 7.3 million people in Arizona, meaning that over 5 million people need to be exposed.

That’s why he banned cities from even having mask mandates.

Given the mortality rate and the number of hospitals that are overwhelmed, plus the advanced age of many Arizona residents, this will likely lead to about half a million deaths in the state. Retirement communities will essentially be wiped out. People will die in their own homes with no medical attention available.

Unemployment will become worse as more people die. The end result appears to be that the governor is good with allowing the entire population of the state to be at risk and does not care if they live or die, as long as he keeps *President Trump happy.”

The former ice cream man governor has refused to answer any questions that he doesn’t like or that could make him look bad. Though he is not up for re-election, he clearly lacks the ability to stand up for what is right in his state, which includes pushing the start of the school year back further, expanding health care, shutting down all but actual essential businesses, and implementing a mask mandate that will have some teeth in it.

There are a lot of stupid people in that state who go around whining about their rights and are gullible enough to believe that COVID-19 is a Democratic hoax. As usual, their main goal is to own the libs, even if it kills them.


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