Caught On Tape:Pelosi Exposed Offering Bribes For Votes Against Trump

The truth is right in front of you

The House will vote on the articles of impeachment before the President next week but the passing of the motion is far from a sure thing. The Republican representatives are sure to vote against and many of the Democrats are also expressing doubt about Trump’s guilt. As a result, those leading this sham proceeding are nervous about its success. And they’re desperate. This was shown today by Nancy Pelosi.

Accusations have surfaced that Speaker Pelosi has made several cash offers to members of Congress in her quest for a guaranteed conviction on impeachment charges. And there’s proof. Independent Congresswoman Martin of Hawaii was approached by the Speaker and was able to think quickly when she was - as soon as she became suspicious of Pelosi’s intentions, Martin began to record the conversation on her phone. A transcript follows:

Pelosi: I can make it worth your while.

Martin: I’m not sure what you mean

P: I need your vote. And I can help you out to get it.

M: Stop being so cryptic, Nancy. Just speak your mind

P: Look. Vote with us. We need you. I will personally owe you 10000 favors. I promise you I’ll do 10000 favors for you.

M: Meh

Representative Martin was appalled by this violation and so chose to reveal it to the ethics commandante. The recording is being reviewed and considered.

Quid pro quo? This is flat out bribery of a government official. This is sure to be investigated by law enforcement and charges issued. Democrat corruption never ends.

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