Senate Republicans Say They Might Remove Trump From Office If He Doesn’t ‘Get In Line’

The RINOs in Washington have completely turned on Donald Trump, patriots. The unthinkable has happened.

Mitch McConnell and his backstabbing troop of treasonous traitors, after enjoying four years of Trump’s favors and popularity, say they’ve had enough of his “antics” and that he needs to “get in line.”

A source close to Mitch McConnell who used to work for Lindsey Graham while paging for a committee he was on with Rand Paul says Mitch is to the point that he would probably vote to remove the president if Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats sent more articles of impeachment their way:

“Mitch says Trump lost all of his power and credibility when he pulled the sham ‘I won the election’ scam for cash for his leadership PAC. Mitch says he’s poison and that his followers need to be forgotten so they can build a ‘better, more respectable Republican Party.’

“Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and even Chuck Grassley are on board with the idea. The biggest hurdle they’ll face is asking Pelosi for a favor.”

Pelosi may not want to impeach Trump again and instead use his buffoonery as political capital:

“I mean let’s face it. He’s gonna run again, and his little minions will all come out and vote for him, and it won’t be enough. America won’t soon forget what this loser did to their country.”

Trump hasn’t responded to the attacks yet, but we’re watching Twitter closely.

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