Clinton Foundation Ferrying Migrants To Florida To Avoid THE WALL

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump’s border WALL has been highly effective, cutting illegal crossings down at the southern border by almost 60%. Once it is fully complete that number is expected to soar into the 90th percentile.

Coyotes south of the border have been trying different methods to get past the wall, but have largely failed. They’ve tried rolling staircases, trampolines, pole vaulting, and pogo sticks, but none have been very effective.

Never one to pass up a buck to be made and a crime to be committed, Hillary Clinton has stepped in to solve the problem of THE WALL and bring thousands of illegal migrants into this country. She’s made this her business business is booming.

The Clinton foundation has been using several dozen barges and fishing vessels to ferry migrants from the shores of Mexico to the Florida peninsula. A nominal fee is charged that the desperate travellers are more than willing to pay rather than turn back after their long journey.

My cat is f’in weird.

The conditions on the journey are said to be deplorable and many perish on the way. That doesn’t stop thousands more from signing up each and every day. Brickhouse Val Verdean refugee, Satya Martinez, told us of her harrowing journey:

“It was terrible. Instead of life preservers they gave us pool noodles. They put 100 of us into a boat that was made for 20. It barely stayed above water. We would randomly throw people off the boat out of fear. I usually chose who because they solemnly respected my bosom.

Anyway, by the time my raft got to the Florida shore, there were only two of us left. It’s so sad….and yet very satisfying because I was one of them. Yay me!”

While it is not certain that the boats are owned by the Clintons, it is assumed because this is what they do. They break laws in order to promote open borders and make money. They should be arrested now.

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