Pelosi Cutting Social Security & Medicare To Fund Socialist Programs

The truth is right in front of you

Nancy Pelosi has pushed through another budget containing a tax cut for herself and the rest of her wealthy California community at the expense of rest of us. Those lost taxes from the rich have to be made up somewhere so she’s making massive cuts - close to $5 billion from Social Security and Medicare. These are deep cuts that will hurt millions of seniors.

This is typical of the democrats. They always vote to cut these programs while their republican counterparts fight to maintain their funding as a separate pool, not to be put into the general revenue stream of the federal government. And for going reason -many of our seniors paid into these funds all their lives. They earned the reward that they are now receiving. Yet democrats ignore this and want to cut it to fund more socialist programs.

Social Security and Medicare take contributions from the population to fund the well-being of a nation. It’s Americans looking out for Americans. We take care of our own here. These are our friends, neighbors, and family that are being helped through the contributions we all make, as well as ourselves. It’s completely unselfish. It’s the American way.

So for Pelosi to want to eliminate these programs that were created to help us all in order to form some bloody socialist schemes is maddening!

And it must be stopped.

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