Democrats Vote Yes To Free Prescription Meds For Undocumented

The truth is right in front of you

A long, long time ago, democrats fought for the happiness and rights of Americans. They sought to protect our health and our wealth. They had some morality, no matter how misguided.

These days, the Democrat National Party only tries to better the lives of criminals. Illegals, in particular. And they have shown this once again through their latest vote in the House. House Socialists voted unanimously to publicly fund prescription medicines for illegal aliens. This at a time when our own citizens are unable to afford prescription care. It’s disgraceful.

Head communist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explained their move:

“These are people, just like you and me. Many are ill and came here hoping for care they were unable to get in their homelands. We are rich. We can give it to them. Our riches are basically bottomless. To not provide would just be greedy.

Actual citizens can get care too. They just have to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and work for it. Citizens have had every opportunity to better themselves through their lives. If they squandered that, that’s their problem. This is where natural selection comes in. Survival of the fittest. And if you chose not to do better in a land where everyone is able, you are unfit.”

If our money is “bottomless”, we should care for our seniors and veterans, Ms Cortez. But it is not. And you are a fool.


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