Clinton Will Run In 2020;’I Have No Choice. I’m The Only One Who Can Win’

The truth is right in front of you

Hillary Clinton has made a decision about her future. Unconvinced that Biden has what it takes to beat President Trump, she has decided to jump back into politics and face-off against President Trump for a second time. And it appears that the Democrat Party will back her. Polling across the country just one month ago showed that 88% of party members favored a renewed Trump-Clinton matchup as their “best possible hope” to regain the White House. This is likely due, in large part to the endless lobbying to the committee by Hillary herself, who has never gotten over the trouncing she experienced at the hands of the superior statesman and debater, Donald Jabroni Trump.

She made her announcement in her tiny hometown newspaper in Arkansas, the Richmond Review:

“My dearest fellow Richmonders and all Americans,

Our country is in peril. We are slipping backwards in morality and we are abandoning our constitutional beginnings. And it’s all due to really, really godawful leadership, perhaps the worst we have ever seen. So bad. Disgraceful. Disgusting. Embarrassing. Deplorable.

President Trump is singlehandedly destroying what has been built over the course of 265 years, since our nation was formed. He is removing our foundations, chipping away at the dreams of our forefathers, one by one. He must be stopped. And only I can do it.

Only I can dispatch this malevolent monster and take back our country. None of the other candidates have the strength to take on this fight. So I’ve decided to step back into the ring, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by my side. She has shown remarkable wisdom in the fight against this administration’s oppression and will make a fine running mate.

I beat him once. I can do it again. Join me in making a better America.”

It’s both hilarious and sad that she thinks she has a chance. We welcome you, Hillary. You’ve just guaranteed four more years.

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