Paula Deen Coming Back to Food Network


Excellent news for Paula Deen fans out there! America’s sweetheart and queen of southern cooking is returning to Food Network immediately!

Several years ago, many were saddened when this patriot was chastised and blacklisted for being a little racist. She wasn’t even full blown racist and she has proven that she has black friends! Nonetheless, the liberals would have nothing but her head. So, her heartwarming cooking shows were banned from television.

Food Network’s Spokesperson Sandy Batts announced:

“We are thrilled to be bringing one of our flagship hosts back to the network. She’s had her time-out and is ready to ‘Cook with America!'”

It hasn’t been confirmed, but we suspect that’s the new name of the show. So, we put it in quotes to make it look official. Looks official, right?

The premise of this show will be a collection of recipes the Deen family has held since the Civil War. The book, found in one of the 25 small cottages located on her granddaddy’s “farm” in South Carolina.

Deen will walk through all of the steps to prepare these classic southern meals made from ingredients like a peck of cornmeal, a few pounds of pork, neckbones, lard, greens, and molasses.

The NAACP is outraged by this action. Joe Barron, Director of the NAACP of South Carolina issued a statement condemning the decision:

“She’s making soul food. SOUL FOOD. The list of ingredients is straight out of the log book of rations given to slaves. This is ridiculous!”

The show will begin airing on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. local time.

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