4 Congressional Dems Are Being Investigated For Plotting To ‘Give Trump Corona’

Four Congressional Democrats are under investigation for what the Secret Service is calling a “credible threat to harm the President.” According to a source on Capitol Hill we can’t name for their own safety, the four freshman congresspeople are very close to being indicted.

The Secret Service won’t confirm the case, but they don’t have to. We know the truth. The truth is, anytime a source close to the Dems refuses to be named, it’s because they’re afraid of being suicided by the Clintons, so we know they’re being honest. Here’s what the source had to say:

“The Secret Service paid visits to all four and they are now shaking in their boots. While they won’t name which representatives made the threat, they are saying that they won’t say anything unless they have something to say that hasn’t been said yet.

“That means they’re taking it seriously and you can probably expect an indictment or two shortly.”

The Democrats aren’t taking the threats of threatening the threators seriously. An aide for nancy Pelosi said this whole thing will just blow over:

“It was just a joke, you morons. Now that Trump has been forced to take this thing seriously, these four laughed while doing shots in the Pelosi Congressional Pub that it would be funny to ‘give Trump some Corona,’ but the bartender refused to sell them takeout beer, and nobody wanted to actually go to the White House, which is rumored to be a hotspot for infection.

“Try not to be so stupid.”

That’s a Democrat for you. Just deny it all and say someone twisted their words. Two words for you, rats: Ben. Ghazi.

Check and mate. Stay safe, Patriots.

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