Dixie Chicks to Play DNC for Biden’s Nomination

Still not ready to make nice

The Dixie Chicks are best known for insulting the United States of America and insulting the last good President we had, George W. Bush, when they said that they were “ashamed that Bush is from Texas” like they are. Predictably, their career plummeted after that.

It seems, they’re broke so they’re back.

Fresh off of their new studio album release called “Gaslighter,” which is all about insulting our current President, the Dixie Chicks have accepted an invitation to play at the Democratic National Convention, which will be held in Eulogy, TX in late August this year. Ironic, because that’s where the Biden campaign will die.

Biden’s campaign manager Art Tubolls explained the insane rationale behind this decision.

“Vice President Biden was on a teleconference with supporters from Houston emceed by Oilers legend Earl Campbell.  Joe was his normal lovable gaffy self talking with the supporters, answering questions and offering his well wishes to the them.

At the conclusion of the teleconference, Earl Campbell thanked everyone for participating and engaging.  Biden said ‘Goodbye Earl”, then sung it as “Goodbyyyyye Eaalllllll” and hummed the rest of the song.  Then he said he wanted the Dixie Chicks to play for him.

We all thought it was a terrible idea at first but the more we thought about it, conservatives hate them and we’re not going to get their votes anyway so we might as well pander to the liberal independent voters out there to win.”

Fortunately, mail-in voting is expected to be declared illegal shortly and the Republicans will show up in force since they aren’t concerned about any type of Democratic hoaxes that may or may not exist.  Make the Dixie Chicks irrelevant again.

Keep America Great Again and vote straight Republican this November.

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