Countless Patriots Gather In Washington To Protest Impeachment Decision

The truth is right in front of you

The power hungry Democrats went against the will of the people yesterday when they voted to impeach President Trump. America didn’t want the investigation, it didn’t want the sham hearings, and it certainly didn’t want him successfully impeached, and today they are letting everyone in Washington know it.

Massive crowds - estimates put the total at close to 60000 - are marching toward Capitol Hill in protest of the smearing of our Commander-In-Chief that made him only the third President in US history to be impeached. They are calling it a “farce,” a “witch hunt,” and a “coup.” They are mad as hell at the corruption in Congress that allowed this to happen.

The protesters began making their way to DC last night, and they come from all over the country. From California, to Alaska, to Georgia, to Hawaii, the support for our President has brought them all together in the nation’s capital.

Satya Martin is here from Hawaii. We asked her what it was about Trump that compelled her to travel across an ocean and a continent to support him.

“Ohnononono. I came yesterday for the march TO impeach the motherf***er. I just haven’t left yet because my incredible boyfriend and I decided to see the city.

But now this happened. These people are both fascinating and awful, like a train wreck.”

Satya aside, the support for 45 in the city is incredible. Congress had better take notice. America is rising up.

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