Omar Wants High Taxes On All Junk Food -‘My God Says To Punish The Fat Ones’

The truth is right in front of you

Ilhan Omar refuses to become a real American. She’s never adjusted to our ways and totally rejects our laws and customs. And lately, she’s taken to trying to impose her own customs on the rest of us, often customs derived from her faith.

Her latest exemplifies this. Omar has introduced a bill that would see a “sin tax” put onto junk food, or, at least what she thinks of as junk food. Her proposal would see surcharges put on items such as potato chips, soda pop, cookies, and donuts, among other things.

And her reasoning for this comes from religious faith. The claim is that religion supports the view that gluttony and obesity are sinful. She explains:

“My God - and yours too - clearly state that gluttony is a sin. All of these foods that lead to obesity are gluttonous.

To all those who claim that America is a Christian nation, I ask you this…. if you want this country to be run in adherence with your religion, why would you not support this measure? God hates gluttons. It is one of your seven deadly sins. There is no doubt about it. Get on board or renounce your faith, for it is a fake one.”

This is a Christian Nation. You know nothing about Christianity. If you did, you would know all about free will. God gave that to us so that we can make our own decisions. We can be judged later. These types of dogmatic laws have no place in America. Unless they are about banning homosexuality and stuff like that. Laws against that would be justified. End of.

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