‘Fill Up A Christian Then Ghost’ Is The New Pro-Choice Game

The truth is right in front of you.

Pro-choice liberals have been known to do some pretty underhanded things. But they have sunk to depths never before seen, devastating good Christian women and further tearing at our society’s moral fabric.

Patty is a good Christian girl, attending church regularly, going to college, remaining pure until marriage, and fighting for the lives of the unborn.

She does this last every weekend without fail at the Planned Parenthood in her town. She stands outside with her fellow heroes and curses the wretched women that enter. She is vicious and unforgiving like all good pseudo-Christians.

It was at one of these protests that she met Paul, a handsome young man who showed similar outrage and venom. They hurled horrid Insults at crying teens together and condemned the Jezebels to hell, laughing all the while. It was love at first sight.

They courted, each remaining chaste but their love was strong. Sadly, they eventually gave in to animal lust and had the sex. In the end, Patty found herself pregnant.

But Paul was gallant. He professed his love for Patty and proposed marriage. The two were to be wed and the baby raised in their Christian household.

But none of that happened. Paul was not what he claimed to be. He was, in fact, a PRO-CHOICE LIBERAL. And so, as is typical of their lot, he was never heard from again. He “ghosted” her, leaving her unwed, with child, and forced to face a horrible decision about the life of her child.

    The ghosting liberal ringleader. The epitome of not good.

This is the new immorality of the pro-choice libs. It’s a game to them. They’re known to knock up random Christians, then gather together to laugh at the desperate texts and voicemails from the young ladies as they contemplate aborting their children or becoming poverty stricken single moms.

This is liberalism. This is evil.


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