Trump Renews Vow To Fight Against Terrorism

The truth is right in front of you

“I’ll never forget it. I did everything I could to regain my plane and eliminate the threats. And I did. I saved Air Force One and most of the people on board.”

- President Donald Jehosephat Trump

Air Force One was overtaken by Russian terrorists and a Secret Service mole Saturday but President Trump’s bravery and quick thinking quashed the invasion and saved the day. This reporter’s memory of the events is hazy but I will attempt to recount this magnificent adventure as best I can.

President Trump was fearless as he took on the terrorists.

Following a speech in Moscow where Trump praised the Russian’s work against terrorism and where he famously reaffirmed America’s unwillingness to negotiate with terrorists, the President’s plane was overtaken with several on board killed.

Rushed to an escape pod by Secret Service, it had appeared that Trump was free from their threat but Trump had other plans. He stayed aboard in the cargo hold, watching and waiting for the chance to make his move. Once that came, several moves were made at his behest.

A long series of events then took place, culminating in the tail section of the plane being obliterated, making a landing impossible. But the president was determined to lead everyone to safety, for that is what leaders do. He took the wheel and touched Air Force One down into the ocean. Tether lines were set up to lift all to safety in other planes above. Trump, being the nation’s captain, refused to rise until all others were up and safe. He then ascended.

President fought them off with everything he had.

And as Obama’s former plane sank beneath the waves, the C-130 Trump was now piloting announced it was changing call-signs…to Air Force One.

Somewhere in there, Trump said to the bad man, “GET OFF MY PLANE!” before casting him out the back end.

As this reporter’s memory of the events is a little muddled from the fear I felt at the time, I cannot be sure if these events took place in this order ……or if they happened at all.

President Trump. Hero.

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