‘Activist Teen’ Actually Paid Actress, Appeared in ‘Avengers’ Movie


You’ve probably seen the viral videos and images of young Greta Thunberg, a presumed Swedish 16-year old climate change activist as she let loose her rage at the United Nations for their inaction.  However, controversy began to erupt as information leaked out in conservative circles that the young woman may actually be a professional actress paid by George Soros to garner sympathy for a mythical “global warming” problem.

The truth was that Thunberg was in a few motion pictures, documentaries, explaining the theoretical “dangers” of climate change, which would not be unusual for an activist to appear in.

The damning proof that being in a motion picture documentary requires joining an actor’s guild. For shame.

The stakes rose to lend credibility to the teabagger conspiratard theory however, when it was discovered that the actress had appeared in the blockbuster “Avengers” movie, credited as “frightened civilian #11” in an action scene.  Other clever examples of what happens when a mother huffs paint while pregnant spotted her in episodes of “The Walking Dead” as well as “Knight Rider”, a series that ran and concluded before she was ever born.

Child actor Jimmy Floppititz did appear in three episodes of the program until he was tragically run over when Kitt’s emotion chip overheated.

All told, it goes to show you the lengths that Trump supporters will go to in order to make excuses to deny fifth grade science.   Should a 16-year old girl need to be a target of dickheaded theories?  They’ll drool right along behind America’s most cartooniest commander-in-chief.

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