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The truth is right in front of you

The left wing media is always quick to jump all over President Trump’s words or actions, condemning him and whipping up all the liberals into a frenzy. Yet they seem to forget all about the times when President Obama said or did the same things. 

It happens repeatedly. “Trump Putting Kids In Cages!” reads the headline. But no mention of the Obama policy to do the same- worse actually, as Obama actually put migrant kids in dog kennels on leashes, feeding them from bowls on the floor

“Trump Separating Families At Border!” yelled the inflammatory press. But they conveniently leave out how Obama not only took kids away too, but then sold them into slavery to the highest bidder. “Good economic sense,” they called it.

So we’ve come to the latest smear job on Trump. “Trump is Racist! Yells ‘Go Back To Your Country!’ To Minority Congresswomen!” Except he wasn’t ordering them. He was simply observing their intelligence and proposing Ambassadorships for them all to represent America abroad. This is an honor, not an insult.

And forgotten? Obama in 2012, screaming at Irish ‘mobsters’, here illegally,  to also,”Go back to your country”. He screamed this at white Europeans. Clearly, this was the racist remark, as no honorifics were suggested for those fine Irishmen.

The mainstream media serves but one purpose - to promote the liberal, left wing, socialist, gay agenda. They are anti-American and it is our opinion that their time is up. Time to shut them down.

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