Bill Clinton’s Secret Family in Louisiana Comes Forward

bill Clinton has some explaining to do. When 97-year-old Agnes Mildred showed up with her four daughters at the same hospital in New York where Bill Clinton was having a testicular re-attachment binding after a fight with Hillary, all hell broke loose.

Agnes, it seems, has been Bill’s secret lover since his High School days. She was nearly 20 years older than Bill and unmarried. She taught American Literature to seniors in Arkansas. An enlightened and admired woman, she gave it all up — for the charms of William Jefferson Clinton.

The way Agnes described it, she “grabbed onto him when he turned 19 and never let go. She said she waited until Bill was a year out of school and a functioning adult before deciding to have a relationship with him:

“Billy changed me. He made sure I knew how special I was. He also had to keep me a secret, because Hillary hung around with Robert Byrd back then, and he didn’t like our kind. We had four beautiful daughters over the next 25 years.”

His daughters, Wilhemina. Billie, Wilma, and Bilmira, joined her on the last journey she would ever take. Bilmira explains:

“When Mama said she was sick, Daddy said, ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t handle that.’ He left and told us he’d come see us again after she passed. We can’t have that. He owes Mama more. Please, Daddy. please come see her.”

The Clintons refused to acknowledge that any of this was happening at all, referring to Agnes and her girls as “the loud scam artists at the end of the hall.” Clinton should be released from the hospital as soon as the pus drains from his right pinky toe.

Agnes says she’s not upset and doesn’t need to see or harass the Clintons. “We made eye contact — and he smiled. It was all I needed to die in peace.”

Another incredibly tragic story on the internet that we’ve gone ahead and proven to be true by saying so.

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