Trump Calls On All Patriots To Boycott Walmart

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump wasted no time in condemning the actions of Walmart following their recent attack on the second amendment rights of the American public.

“Through their refusal to sell certain sizes of ammunition and their open carry removal, Walmart and the Walton family have shown that they are unpatriotic and against America.

They have chosen to side with the leftist, liberal democrats, who aren’t exactly known for loving this country. Quite the opposite. They show their hatred for the USA through their opposition to our constitution. The second amendment is the only part of the constitution that really matters. It is the one that allows us to have all the other amendments. It is the one that gives us freedom. By giving their collective middle fingers to 2A, Walmart says,”I hate freedom. I hate America.”

The very first Walmart was opened by Vladimir Lenin in Detroit. It’s slogan at the time was “Come in. Free stuff.”

This type of socialist company can not be allowed to exist in America. Walmart exemplifies socialism entirely. They destroy the fabric of our nation through cheap, Chinese made clothing. That is why I am asking all patriots to boycott these communists effective immediately. I’ve already started. I’ll never shop there again, nor will my family. We will stand firmly against Walmart and we are asking you to do the same.”

The red scare didn’t end in the 80’s , folks. The commies merely changed tactics and began using multi-national corporations like Walmart to spread their message. Ever since, they’ve been taking over the world…….as socialists have always wanted to do.

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