Pro-Impeachment Rally In Washington Is A Laughable Failure

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats don’t have rallies. They have little get-togethers. President Trump has rallies. Huge rallies. He has the support of the majority in America and his crowd sizes show it. By comparison, The numbers that attend Democrat events are a joke.

This was shown once again today as Democrats tried to throw together a rally for impeachment. They had high hopes and expected strong support. The reality must be quite a disappointment.

The event was originally to be held in the sizeable Lincoln Square, but as the hours progressed and turnout remained small, frustrated organizers took it inside to a local high school gymnasium. All in all, a total of 89 people showed up to yell and scream for Trump’s impeachment - they couldn’t even crack 100.

Organizer Joe Barron was unphased:

“The numbers here don’t matter. People have lives, people have jobs.

We’ve heard the people on the street and on social media. We know how strong support is for this impeachment. This is what the people want, at least the ones that still respect the rule of law.”

Barron can try to spin it anyway he wants. The fact remains that another rally against impeachment, happening right now, is absolutely massive. The people are showing up, just not for the Democrats.

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