Impeachment Likely To Fail As 27 House Dems Reveal They’ll Vote ‘No’

The truth is right in front of you

After all the effort that Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi put into it, it appears that their attempted impeachment of President Trump will fail for lack of sufficient support from their own party in the House of Representatives after 27 of their brethren publicly pledged to vote against the charges that will come before them next week.

Several independents have also voiced their intention to enter opposition votes in league with the renegade democrats. One such is Satya Martin, Independent socialist from Alabama. Martin served as a spokesperson for the “nay” voters from the left and had this to say:

“Naturally, we would all love to see Trump impeached and, hopefully, subsequently removed from his office. He is a monster and is destroying the fabric of this nation and he also appears to be losing his mind. Maybe that’s why he’s such an a**hole. Who knows?

Anyway, yes, we want him out of the White House and whipped and starved and waterboarded and put in stocks inside a cage to stay and cry and spew his maniacal bs to the rats and cockroaches for the rest of his life. With occasional beatings. BUT we are sworn to uphold the constitution and the laws contained within. Unfortunately, the witness statements and evidence presented here did not show clear violations. We cannot impeach.”

Despite the words you see here, Satya is really very sweet.

With these votes against, combined with those of the House Republicans, the impeachment will not pass. President Trump is vindicated. Complete and total exoneration.

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