‘Ole Miss’ Drops Racist Mascot, Gets New One


The University of Mississippi, formerly known as “Ole Miss,” is bowing to leftist pressure to change their historic mascot from the Rebels. Effective immediately, they will be known as the Mississippi Squirrels.

To further add insult to injury, the Confederate monument that is located in the heart of the campus will be replaced by the new squirrel mascot.

The liberal media also generated fury around the name “Ole Miss,” believing that it has some racist connotation to it. Just because it was what slaves referred to the wife of a plantation owner as doesn’t make it racist.

Students were polled to determine the name of the new mascot. The two most popular choices were Oxy, presumably because the campus is located in Oxford, and Skippi, which is a clever play on the last part of Mississippi. Skippi garnered 52 percent of the vote to win. He will wear the number 65 after the year that the South surrendered in the Civil War.

Art Tubolls won the contest to be the very first Skippi the Squirrel in the history of the University of Mississippi.

“Golly I’m excited. It’s been my lifelong dream to be a mascot for this university. Rebel, squirrel…I don’t care. They can’t take away that Eli Manning played football here. I hope I get to meet him and have him shake my paw. Sic ’em Squirrels!”

This giving into the left is sickening. What we need for our native land is true patriot love in all our sons’ command. With glowing hearts, we’ll see thee rise, the true South strong and free. From far and wide, we’ll stand on guard for thee.

Don’t let the out of state liberals control our way of life. Keep Mississippi rebel red this November and keep us free.

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