CDC: Almost Half of Migrants Carry Derma Chronic Autoimmune Disease

The truth is right in front of you

A new study on the health of illegal migration into the USA has revealed shocking and frightening statistics heretofore unknown. The investigation, conducted by Institutionalized Devotion In Open Trade, with the government’s blessing, sent medical practitioners to evaluate the health and well being of all detainees at the Border Patrol camps in the south. The observations they made should shock and disgust you.

The team found that fully 40% of the 10000 detained suffered from various forms of “Derma Chronic Autoimmune Disease” and over 90% were observed to be suffering from “Erythema Solare” when they arrived at the border. These numbers would normally be considered “an outbreak” and yet authorities did not alert the public to their conditions at any time.

Our investigation did reveal some logic behind this decision though. CDC director Bob Sandhu  explains:

“The last thing we want is to create a panic.If we told all of America about these innocuous and benign conditions, all hell would have broken loose. There would have been chaos and lawlessness.

We are a nation of laws and the masses tend to lose sight of that when when faced with fear of things like disease. Anarchy often takes over and it becomes impossible to reign in. Our decision saved lives. And no lives were threatened by this move either. We made a call and we feel it was the right one.”

Yet another incredibly compelling reason to build the wall. It’s not just crime coming over the border but plague. We must save ourselves.

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