Chicago Mayor Forces Police To Paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ Murals On Their Own Precincts

Chicago’s Mayor has gone off the deep end and issued an executive order for all police precincts to paint “Black Lives Matter” murals either on the street out front or on the buildings themselves.

What’s worse is, he ordered the police themselves to provide the labor, with no compensation. The president of the local Police Union, Art Tubolls, said the move is not only disrespectful but amounts to a form of slavery:

“You can’t just force people to work for free. It doesn’t matter who they are or what their role in life is, slavery is illegal in this country. To make them go outside their own precinct and paint something so disrespectful is abhorrent.”

So far, more than 20 murals have been painted across the city, mostly by good cops willing to change. Most of the force, however, is resisting and has promised to follow in Atlanta’s footsteps:

“We’re telling our guys not to go to work. If they want to turn us from a force to be reckoned with into a bunch of do-gooders, they can police the city themselves. We’re tired of being told we can’t use chokeholds or beat a suspect to a pulp. That’s how we get our results and keep the city safe.

“It’s time Chicago got a nice case of the Blue Flu.”

Cops across the city are warning that they won’t be there when citizens call. They won’t be able to show up 10 minutes too late to harass the victims of crime as though they’re suspects or shoot their dogs. They won’t be available to not pursue rape cases, brushing them off as unimportant. They won’t be stopping black men at random to make sure the city is safe from them, killing them every so often just to keep them on their toes.

The city of Chicago is about to see what happens when the Police only care about themselves, because why should today be any different.

The cops who don’t drink too much and beat their wives have vowed to show up and do their jobs to the best of their ability and say they eagerly await new training protocols. As one cop put it, “my partner is a 20-year veteran, and he’s a serious douchebag.”

Well, you won’t have to worry about that now, will you, snowflake? Hopefully, you don’t ever need backup or someone to plant a weapon or some drugs on a perp.

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