Obama’s Celebrate Black History Month by Removing Confederate Monuments

The Obamas Believe in Hate, Not Heritage

Former President Barack Obama and his wife are making a mockery of Black History Month by disrespecting Southern History and Heritage this year. They have made the shocking move to push Southern lawmakers into tearing down every Civil War memorial and replacing it with statues of General William Tecumseh Sherman.

One Georgia woman, Ina Sestuis, herself a member of the Daughters of the Confederacy sat down for an interview with local newspapers to discuss her sadness at the move. Her “great-grand-pappy,” as she affectionately calls him, was celebrated Confederate Private Truly Sestuis. Sadly, Private Sestius was tragically blown apart by a Union canon ball during General Sherman’s March to the Sea. His family home was burned to the ground and used as latrines for Union troops.

“He can’t do this,” she wept, blowing her nose into a Rebel Flag printed handkerchief. “It’s our heritage, our proud traditions that he’s just tearing down.”

Michelle Obama took it upon herself to personally respond to Ms. Sestuis’ lamentations, quoted as remarking to one of her staff, “listen to this white lady cry about her weird grandpa.”

Ina Sestuis and others have pledged to fight for their memorials, and have opened up several crowd-funding efforts to raise the necessary dollars. She is hopeful, and says that they had almost won the fight to keep the land where her great-grandfather’s plantation from being turned into a landfill by the now wealthy descendants of his former slaves, and is hopeful that they can raise enough money for herself and other Daughters of the Confederacy in her chapter to charter a bus outside of their trailer court to meet with lawmakers.

“My grandfather’s former properties were just very cruel about the whole “being owned thing.” They named one of their children Sherman, just to spite us. I asked President Trump to intercede but he’s not yet tweeted back,” Ina Sestuis sighed.

Our best thoughts are with Ina and other Daughters of the Confederacy during this trying time.

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