Obama Foundation Under Investigation For Fraud

The truth is right in front of you

Word has come out from the Illinois State’s Attorney Office that the Obama Foundation is currently under investigation after a series of complaints about the charity’s “creative” accounting practices came to light from a parade of whistleblowers on the inside.

At question is the destination of the donated funds. A list of destinations has been provided to the state and it’s said that none really seem “above board.” Included are what appear to be quickly fabricated names such as the “Girl’s Opportunity Alliance”, the “Community Leadership Corps”, and the “My Brother’s Keeper Alliance.” What seemed suspicious is that none of these descriptions really describe anything. None contain any mention of the typical charitable causes - no diseases, no disasters, no homeless veterans. They appear to be sham titles, made to appear fanciful through wording, but lacking in actual substance.

Two of the whistleblowers spoke to us but do not wish to be identified. For purposes of this expose, they chose to be known as “Samantha” and “Lefty.” Here is what Lefty had to say:

“It’s a huge scam. It has to be. Foundations get set up to help the less fortunate but these destinations suggest alliances and leadership training. And what the heck is ‘My brother’s keeper”? It sure sounds made up to me.”

Samantha concurred.


So it seems that the Obama’s aren’t as squeaky clean as they would have us believe. They are as corrupt in charity as they were in government. Some things never change.

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