Busted: Bill Clinton Started the College Payoff Scam in 1998 — For Chelsea

By now, you’ve heard the stories. Wealthy Democrats have been buying their kids’ way into some of the best schools in the country, cheapening the quality of the student pool and making a mockery of our education system.

Everyone from Felicity Huffman to Snoop Dog to Oprah have been accused of paying money to see some kid who didn’t deserve the chance get one anyway — just because of how much money they have.

To Democrats, money means everything. They aren’t like Donald Trump — just trying to make sure all Americans can make some — they want all the money and power for themselves. That’s why, according to our credible sources, it was Bill Clinton himself who started the whole college admissions for pay scandal — to get Chelsea into Yale.

Chelsea Clinton was approved on a no-ride admission, meaning the Clintons paid her full tuition. She was assigned remedial courses and required a tutor. When she graduated with a degree in International Charity Ops, her grade point average was barely passing.

Chelsea is well-known in Yale circles as a joke admission. Everyone knows she’s never done anything on her own. She isn’t like the Trump kids, who run successful businesses and keep their noses out of investigations. It takes a Democrat to see the Clintons as the good guys — that’s for sure.

Chelsea’s graduate studies at Holy Cross were just as fraudulent. How does a person even earn a Juris Doctorate law degree from a college like that?

According to Becky in our social media department, the Clintons are gearing up for yet another campaign of lies, this time to cover for their daughter’s fraudulent degrees.

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