Karlon Not Done With Barron:’He’s Not Only Not A Baron,He’s Ugly Too’

The truth is right in front of you

When Professor Karlon made fun of President Trump’s youngest son, Barron, during her testimony before the impeachment inquiry last week, the reaction was swift. People from all over the right came to the child’s defense - even the First Lady delivered an angry tweet - and all made it clear that children should be off limits in politics, Obama’s children aside.

Karlon, however, was unrepentant, insisting that we not believe our own ears by saying she did not mercilessly taunt the young boy, but rather had merely made some vague, misunderstood point about royalty or some such. Democrats, of course, stood behind her and pointed to doctored footage to make their case.

Today, Karlon remained defiant. She blasted her critics and still refused to apologize. Instead, she attacked young Barron even more.

“All I said was Barron is not a Baron. It was a play on words. It’s basic English. Maybe you all should learn it. The child is no more royalty than the father is a king, as much as his supporters would apparently like him to be.

He’s just a kid, as much an equal citizen of the country as any other kid. Maybe not really equal. He’s an odd one to look at. He looks alarmingly Russian. It’s in his face. And it’s not pretty. Not only is he not a Baron, he’s ugly too. Gives me the heebie-jeebies.”

This is how leftists operate. They have no scruples. To attack a child in this way is indefensible.

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