President Trump’s Approval Ratings Skyrocket After Strike On Iranian General

The killing of Iran’s top military guy is sending waves of approval for Trump through every demographic that matters. According to our sources at Rasmussen, Trump is sitting on a nearly 70 percent approval rating, the highest of any president since Reagan.

Their poll, which included some online polling, calls to landlines, and responses to ads on pro-Trump websites, concluded that Trump’s approval has skyrocketed because Americans were tired of the games Iran has been playing.

There’s just no debating these statistics. Trump’s approval increased for the following groups:

  • Retired Trump supporters with high-school diplomas
  • Working-class Trump supporters with GEDs
  • People on disability who deserve it, not the lazy ones
  • Rich, powerful people who provide Americans with jobs
  • Veterans who still consider those 4 years the most important thing about them
  • Women who have rejected feminism, equality, and all that other liberal mumbo jumbo

The poll points out that Trump’s approval has decreased to most other demographics, but the people listed above make up a majority of the voting block in states where the electoral college is skewed to favor the minority.

So basically, the majority of the minority is more for Trump today than they were yesterday, which should pull in even more votes for the 2020 landslide.

God bless America.


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