NHL To Award Hat Trick Trophy To AG Barr For Covering Crimes of Three Presidents


When it comes to sweeping Presidential crime under the proverbial rug, nobody does it better than current Attorney General William Barr.  It’s no wonder that such an incredibly embattled President as Donald Trump would appoint him to be the recipient of the Mueller report, since Mr. Barr is to Republican Presidents what Harvey Keitel’s character in “Pulp Fiction” was to Sam Jackson and John Travolta.

“You never finish without spraying down Trump’s hookers.”

Barr’s incredible run of deception began when he defended President George H.W. Bush during the “Iraq-gate” scandal, when billions of dollars of weapons were sold illegally to Sadaam Hussain.   It continued by convincing Bush to pardon main instigators of the Iran-contra mess, saving Reagan and many of his circle the prison terms they deserved.  And finally, now, by sugar-coating the Mueller report and condensing it into words small enough for teabaggers to fathom, Barr has managed to at least begin a program of cover-up sham artistry for failing President Trump.

I suppose as long as North doesn’t end up like, head of the NRA or something, it might not be - wait. Seriosly???

NHL League Trophymaster Lawrence Lubiner delivered the trophy to Barr’s Washington office this morning, a golden display of Reagan, Bush, and Trump together, each breaking a pair of handcuffs.  A short celebration was to be had at National’s Arena, with an appearance by hockey legend Bobby Orr, but was later cancelled when nobody could confirm if he was still alive.

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