Lawsuit Filed Demanding Deportation of Melania Trump

The truth is right in front of you

A lawsuit, led by Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib, has been filed, alleging that Melania Trump became a citizen under false pretences and demanding her immediate stripping of citizenship and deportation to her native Slobodia.

The suit suggests that Melania had overstayed a work visa to the USA in the 90’s after her modelling career failed. If this were so, then she would have to be deported as she was illegal for a time and there is no amnesty given for the crime of illegal residency under the Trump regime.

Is Melania a hybrid of these two?

Another element of the suit doubles down on the false accusations against Mrs Trump.  Tlaib and company have accused the First Lady of being an imposter, implying that she is actually a he. And not just any he, but the notorious Slobodian criminal mastermind, Boris Anna Tasha, wanted for strings of robberies and bombings at home and around the globe. Tasha had been pursued relentlessly by Interpol Agent Rocky Anbull Winkle for decades until one day - at the same time Melania is said to have arrived in the US - he just disappeared, never to be seen again. And this when Winkle supposedly had enough evidence on him to put him away once and for all. Arrest was imminent, it was said, and Tasha knew it. And then nobody saw him ever again. Those suing are convinced that Boris = Melania

If allowed to proceed, the federal lawsuit will likely be used as a distraction from the Democrat’s socialist agenda, allowing them to commit their evil without press focus. We must remain vigilant and not allow this to happen.

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