Trump Bill Will Deny Islamiac Vote

The truth is right in front of you

On June 31, the Senate will vote on a historic bill. The purpose of this bill will be to deny Muslammics in America the right to vote in local, state, and federal elections.

The Bill is controversial, to be sure, and the Democrats are sure to oppose it but the Republican Congress is adamant. They feel that the Muslammic population is criminal by nature and therefore do not have the right to vote. Republican Senator Blah Blah Blah explains:

“Criminals in America forfeit their rights to participate in our elections. This is nothing new. And Muslammics have shown themselves to be criminal from birth. So the logic is clear.“

With Trump appointees, Statler and Waldorf, on the bench, court challenges are not expected to be an issue.

Democrats are expected to initiate a constitutional challenge stating that Muslammics cannot be considered criminal if they have not yet committed a crime. They are accusing the Republicans of Orwellian thought crime tactics. As Democrat Representative Boo-Boo stated:

“Simply following Islamma is not a crime. This is the typical Republican bigotry. They want to criminalize the masses based on the actions of a few. We don’t expect much more from the Republicans as they are not known for their intelligence. Haha! Those that vote for them are pretty stupid too.


Democrats have a history of shredding the constitution to suit their needs, like allowing criminals to vote.

For that matter, if they refer to offhand comments about criminal behaviour as being enough to convict, then guess what? They are giving us another means to send Cheeto to jail. Because the disgusting things he said about his daughter over the years sure do seem to indicate that he’s screwing her, even if no evidence to prove this exists. I mean, have you heard the crap you said about her? He is a vile, vile man. That poor girl!”

That sounds like another empty threat from the evil leftists. But the president has done nothing more than express his love for family, albeit in colorful and imaginative ways. This is not a crime. Nice try, Dumocrats!

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