Nobel Peace Prize Committee Nominates Trump After Turkey Ceasefire

The truth is right in front of you

It was a humanitarian crisis in the making. Turkey was set to wipe out their historically favorite victims, the Kurdish people, and continue to ravage the already war weary Syria, after US troops left, leaving the area without the military presence it needed to effectively deter attack from the Turks.

But President Trump swooped in to save the day, as he do often does, saving countless lives in the Cradle of Civilization. He did so by negotiating a ceasefire that is expected to develop into a lasting peace. Trump was dismayed when Turkey followed through with the carnage they had promised to commit if the US left the region and felt compelled to do something about it. For the Kurds. Our friends. His negotiating skills saved the day again and the Kurds are safe because of him, like they were before.

Nobel Committee President, Johan Barron, explained his choice:

“President Trump showed great wisdom and courage with his handling of this situation. He may have prevented a genocide.

The President’s strategy was masterful. By removing the threat of the US forces in Syria, he managed to lull Turkey into a false sense of security so that they immediately launched into a murderous rampage on the outmatched Kurds. He then countered with the threat of an economic offensive and the return of US troops. Erdogan crumbled. It was genius.

There may be nobody more deserving of a Peace Prize.”

So it seems as though our President may be the favorite to win the coveted Nobel. America couldn’t be prouder.

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