Nancy Pelosi Fined $40K for Destruction of Government Property

Nancy Pelosi went too far when she ripped up the President’s speech. According to federal statute USC Title 26 SS197, all speeches given before Congress are to be preserved by the Speaker of the House and delivered to the National Archives for safekeeping. Pelosi wasn’t just disrespectful — she broke the law.

While there is no jail term for the offense, the fine is clear: “The Speaker will pay a fine equal to one-tenth of a Presidential salary.” As of now, that fine is $40K, even though Trump doesn’t technically take a salary. The Department of Justice says they will enforce the rule, according to Chief Prosecutorial Director, Art Tubolls:

“The fine is automatic even though it hasn’t been enforced since Tip O’Neil spit on Reagan’s 1982 SOTU speech and refused to hand it over. It was only $20K then, but he paid it. Nancy Pelosi will pay this fine or find herself in contempt of a Justice Department directive, which does carry a jail sentence.

“This wasn’t a smart thing to do. Hopefully, the voters of America will take notice and vote against her in the next Speaker’s race.”

Pelosi’s office hasn’t commented, but those closest to her say she’ll gladly pay the fine:

“Nancy would pay millions to make sure that pile of garbage never makes it to the National Archives. The man performed a Medal of Freedom ceremony for a racist, bigoted piece of trash who denigrates people for ratings. The whole thing was full of hyperbole and lies.”

President Trump is expected to go on a multi-day Twitter campaign to make sure the whole world knows just how upset he is that someone disrespected him, something he would never do publicly to someone else.

We here at ALLOD thought the speech was lovely and we look forward to reading the whole thing on our next trip through Washington. God Bless you, Mr. President.

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