So Much For ‘The Tolerant Left.’ Free Speech Event Shut Down By Leftists

The truth is right in front of you

Liberals like to talk a big game about “tolerance” and “accepting a diversity of viewpoints,” but they sure don’t practice what they preach. While American conservatives allow them to promote things like evil gay lifestyles and non-Christians in positions of government power despite their obvious inferiority and plans to destroy our country from within by allowing constitutional rights to EVERY citizen, the left tries to shut us up and shut us down for no other reason than their intolerance for our racist, xenophobic, and sexist views.

Proud right-wing conservative, Christopher Michael, spoke to us clad in his white robe and pointy hood, taking a break from laughing lightheartedly with his friends about beating on the women in their lives:

“These so-called tolerant liberals are anything but. We’re out here, having one of our weekly functions, putting back a few beers, burning a few crosses, and out of nowhere some inferior race democrat comes around the corner. He just stands there, staring at us like we’ve offended him or something.

So we scream at him with our AR-15’s in hand, firing a few rounds in his general direction, telling him to get out of our country and stuff…you know, exercising our free speech. He runs away after we say what we wanna do to his big breasted sister and, next thing you know, he comes back with all these people and news cameras and shit, and all of them are then going on and calling us EVIL and stuff. For what? For planning a race war?

I mean, come on! Accept our opinions! We accept yours!”

This is typical of the left. They promote love and tolerance when they have the stage but then show nothing but hate for us rather than accept OUR irrational and unintelligent bigotry. Hypocrites.

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