Opinion: Liberals Should Have To Go Fight In The Middle East

Ever since President Trump had an Iranian bad guy assassinated, liberals have been crying about the inevitable war coming and demanding that anyone who supports Trump should have to go fight in it. They don’t seem to understand that that’s never gonna happen, because Trump supporters are too busy staying prepared for the upcoming Civil War right here at home.

So maybe the liberals should be the ones to go over there and fight. Maybe then they’d understand just how much oil is actually worth. Go ahead, libtards…see how far your tank goes with no diesel fuel. They could also learn a thing or two about the people they’re fighting.

Sure, a bunch of them used to be our allies, but not anymore! We supported them and trained them, and now, just because we’ve decided to pull out, attack their enemies, and use them as pawns in President Trump’s chess game, liberals think they should be treated with compassion and treated like human beings. Who are they kidding?

They’ll have a rude awakening when they show up and there are no windmills or soy lattes. They won’t know what to do when they try to talk their problems out while the bullets are flying.

It’s for this reason that President Trump should re-start the draft and draft only liberal college students. Make them stop wasting taxpayer money on philosophy degrees and give them some real-world experience. Guaranteed when they come back they’ll be itching to join their local militia or Rascal Brigade.

There’s a reason Trump supporters make up more than 99 percent of all patriots in this country. It’s because we’re the only ones smart enough to understand how things really work. Sending a bunch of liberals will solve two problems: It will give us the numbers we need to once again conquer Iraq and take Iran’s oil and it will leave fewer of them for us to fight here at home if Trump is removed or loses in 2020.

That’s a win-win!

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