Opinion: Star-Spangled Banner IS the Most Patriotic Song in History

The truth is right in front of you

The Dunning-Kruger Institute recently polled several thousand Americans and discovered that the National Anthem of the United States of America is the most patriotic song in history.

Well, color me shocked.

One cannot escape the Star-Spangled Banner if they tried here in America and I wouldn’t have it any other way. No matter how bad our leadership is, no matter how chaotic things become, this song does a great job of reminding us that someone is always watching and waiting for any kind of un-American activity for us true patriots to expose.

Folks, what I really long for is going to the whole poem that Francis Scott Key wrote as the song. Sure we get explosions in the part we sing but most people don’t know the rest of what’s in there.

More bombs, blood, guns, slaves, God, and boobs. Stuff every red-blooded American can get behind. Of course, it would make it a 10-minute song but it would be so worth it. The patriotism would literally shine over everything.

Liberals have tried to replace OUR song with crap like “Party in the USA” and “This Land is Your Land” but they never will. People that write songs probably are communist Democrats who hate our President and love Obama. Don’t they know we’re supposed to love our President no matter what? I mean unless he’s black or he’s a liberal or a Democrat or he’s a woman, etc.

Bottom line here is if you hate our song, you hate America and our military and our police and there is no room in our Constitution or our country for you.

About the author: Pete Strocker is a friend to patriotic Americans because he is one. He likes football and porno and books about war. And guns. And bacon.

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