Drunken Pelosi: ‘America Needs A Detrumpification’

The truth is right in front of you

“Fancy” Nancy Pelosi loves to hear herself speak. We’ve witnessed this over the years as she has rambled about the most meaningless garbage imaginable. He

Her drinking has only made her lunatic rants worse and it was this frequent alcohol consumption that precipitated her latest outburst in front of a group of local reporters yesterday in Freeman, New York. Her slurred speech is detailed below:

“Since Donald Drumph first arrived on the scene, this country has turned to s**t. It used to be soooo cool, you know? We had fun, parties, and uh……

Now everybody is an a**hole. The trump worshippers are everywhere. I’ve never seen anything like it. Did you know they believe every word he says? Everything! No matter how stupid. If President Dum-Dum says it, they take it as the gospel truth. No matter how stupid his words and they’re plenty stupid, let me tell you. Ha ha! They’re zombies. And they’ll let him get away with anything because they’re so freakin stupid. Ha ha! Morons.

You know what we need to happen in America? We need to reverse the trump brainwashing in the public. Let me explain how brainwashed his people are. They think….and I’m serious here. No word of a lie……they think he always tells the truth! Oh wait, I said that already. Did I? Yeah, yeah I did.

But you know what else? They think he cares about them. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know! That’s a knee slapper, right? But they do!

So where was I? Oh yeah. What America needs is to be reverse trumped. That’s to fix his worshipper’s heads. Most probably can’t be fixed. They’re too inbred and dumb. Ha ha! But we gotta try. America needs a detrumpification! Oooh! I like that. Detrumpification. Ima use that all the time.”

This woman needs to be removed from office. She can’t keep her drinking or her tongue under control and is an embarrassment to this country.

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