NASCAR Debuts Gay Pride Starter Flag, Requires Fans to Wear Gay Pride Lapels

will fans cooperate?

In the span of a mere four weeks NASCAR has banned the Confederate flag, embraced the Black Lives Matter movement, showed solidarity with Muslims and banned all political regalia, including MAGA hats and other Trump attire.

Now NASCAR has announced that it is also fully embracing the Gay Pride movement. The move comes during a time of rapid changes in societal attitudes towards minority groups, which NASCAR appears to be leveraging by rebranding itself.

The recent changes began almost immediately after George Soros and the VW Group purchased NASCAR a month ago.

Beginning next week the traditional starter flag at all NASCAR races will be replaced with a rainbow starter flag. The rainbow flag is the flagship symbol of the Gay Pride movement. It does not end there, however. Fans will now also be required to wear Gay Pride lapel pins, which will be handed out free of charge at the gate.

Alternatively, fans may also opt to wear other approved insignia or apparel. Those include:

  • Black Lives Matter shirts or lapels.
  • ANTIFA related attire.
  • Gay Pride flags and hats.
  • Defund the Police shirts.
  • Any other attire that supports minority groups such as Wiccans, the Church of Satan or Pastafarians.

In addition, female fans may wear a burka to show solidarity with their Muslim brothers and sisters.

Rennleiter Joe Barron explains the latest changes:

“Let’s face it: the United States of American is undergoing rapid societal changes. Old traditions no longer resonate with our growing and younger fan base. As a result NASCAR has to change along with society if we are to remain relevant, as the older folks with their outdated views of the world are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Consider this a natural evolution of the sport of racing.”

Is this the end of major changes at NASCAR, or are we just seeing the beginning?

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