Nancy Pelosi Plans To Triple The Seniors’ Tax Rate

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats have always had it in for the senior citizens of this country. They want to take away their Social Security, they want their Medicare to disappear, it’s been said that they even want to have them euthanized.

The latest proposal does not go to the extremes of that last example but it is drastic and evil nonetheless. It involves taxation of anybody over the age of 60….they want more.

Nancy Pelosi intends to table a bill in this new year that would see the tax rate of all seniors more than tripled. This would apply not just to those with healthy retirement incomes but those on fixed Social Security incomes as well.

Pelosi explained her motivation:

“Senior citizens are the biggest burden to our national bottom line. Social security kills our budget. But we maintain it because, if we didn’t , they would whine and whine. We would never hear the end of it. I can hear them already - ‘Oh! We won’t be able to feed ourselves!’ ‘Oh! You’ll drive us into the street! We’ll be homeless!’ Whiny losers, the lot of them.

So we keep it in place. But they cost us. They’re old. They go to the hospital all the time, they need all these medications, they have all the old people needs. And those needs are expensive. How long do we let them burden our system with their ridiculous needs that they feel they’re entitled to have us pay for? Not much longer, I say.

They will be taxed at least at triple the rate they have been to make up for all the years that we have let them get away with murder as far as taxation goes. This is just.

And this I decree. Thanks Gavin.”

Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats are pure evil. They prove this time and time again. This year we must make sure we vote them out.

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