Purdue and Loeffler Overheard Admitting Biden Will Be President

The truth is right in front of you

Georgia Senate Republicans Jon Purdue and Kelly Loeffler have not once publicly acknowledged that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States.

Privately, they have been overheard several times acknowledging that Joe Biden won the popular vote by millions and that he earned nearly 60 percent of the Electoral College votes.

Their denial has been endearing to the few people out there who are dumb and gullible enough to believe the conspiracy theories of rigged elections and think that Donald Trump will serve another four-year term.

The two sitting Senators were able to quickly identify Sandy Batt as the leaker within their campaigns and terminated her employment.

Ms. Batt spoke with the America’s Last Line of Defense Network about the two Senators and her termination.

“What is comes down to is that Loeffler and Purdue are afraid.  They saw that Trump lost Georgia and how Trump is crying about a rigged election, that their votes don’t count, and how everyone who is not for Donald Trump is against Donald Trump.

Purdue and Loeffler know that the only way that they can win their Senate races is to play to the most stupid and gullible people there.  If they play into the baseless conspiracy theories about a stolen election, then they think they have a chance to win.  Those two have actually laughed about the plight of many of their constituents many times and all of the stupid crap that they believe.  This after they used their inside information to sell stocks at a profit in amounts that most Georgians won’t earn in their entire lifetimes before Trump’s complete mismanagement of the pandemic.

Both Senators have openly mocked their own supporters and have said many times that Biden will be the next President.  They won’t say it publicly because they know that it will sink them…if Trump’s constant whining about losing and fraud hasn’t already done them in.”

Neither Purdue nor Loeffler have released a statement about Batt’s termination or her allegations about them admitting that they know Biden won.

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