Bistro Break-Up - AOC/Rapinoe Are Over

The truth is right in front of you

Romance does not favor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She has been through a whirlwind of relationships in the past year and seemed obviously smitten in each. But all ended quickly, resulting in AOC’s tears of heartbreak.

Her latest foray into the dating world has proven to be no different. This relationship was formed with Team USA soccer sensation, Megan Rapinoe. The two hooked up late last night at a team party in New York City and left the celebration together. Cortez was not known to be attracted to women but it’s supposed that she decided to try “the other team” in hopes that love would be there.

It was not, however, meant to be. The couple were seen today at a Manhatten bistro arguing furiously, with Rapinoe accusing her new mate of “not knowing what she’s doing” and of “being a filthy straight.” Ocasio-Cortez left the restaurant in tears.

Perhaps, Ms Cortex, you should consider your view of the world. Socialism is not seen by anybody as kind. It’s probable that nobody wants to love you because they see the personal cruelties to come through your public politics. Socialism does nothing but hurt. Everybody knows it but you. Stick to artificial companions.

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