New Facebook App Make Better Trumpers Spell Words, Gramar


Set to debut just in time for the 2020 election season, Facebook’s new free app : “Trumpergarten 1.0” aims to combat slews of reports of Trump supporters writing and passing along comments and articles with hideously terrible instances of English language homicide.  The app takes moments to install and works automatically.

While testing the app, we found that it works admirably, and with tidy accuracy.  For instance, we had a 116-year old Trump-supporting man type in the following comment regarding Benghazi:

Bengazzi was hapening while Killary and Oblammo slept and they made the military stand down because they love muslins.

The app engaged and translated :

Benghazi was investigated 9 times and found that neither Mrs. Clinton nor Presidemt Obama was at fault in their response.

The app, however, is not 100% foolproof, as shown by the next Trumpertastrophe :

Killary sold 30 per cents of our urinanoum to Russia but the demonrats go after Trump because they hate America and cry like snowflakes crying.

Resulted in this:

I’m sorry.  I’m finding it difficult to believe a human being can be this ridiculously stupid and still continue operating aerobically.  Error 404.

Perhaps with some upgrades, the app will someday provide us with a future where Trump supporters won’t look like slope-headed mutant children on social media.

…or maybe not.

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