McDonald’s New LGBTQ ‘Rainbow Meal’ Will Replace Kid’s Happy Meal

The truth is right in front of you

McDonald’s has pledged support for the LGBTQ community and are showing this through a new “Rainbow Menu” in which rainbow designs will adorn packaging and proceeds will go to rights charities for alternative lifestyles. The Rainbow Meal will replace the already popular kid’s Happy Meal on the menu board.

In a statement, spokesperson José Barone shared the company’s excitement about showing their support for Pride:

“McDonald’s is committed to standing with the gay community and supporting equality for all. It is now publicly proclaimed and and will be colourfully shown in our arches redesign and on our menu creations.

Some say rainbow fries have the power to gay. What do you think?

This is not an indoctrination program. We are not out to convert anyone. Straight people will not magically become gay because they eat rainbow food or eat out of rainbow packaging. If some do, it’s to get celebrated. That is who they truly are. McDonald’s is happy to help people of all ages come out of the closet so then can finally be happy. That’s just doing our part to better the world and to make everyone happy, thus the Happy Meal replacement.”

It seems company after company is trying to change the world by leading it to sin. We must remain vigilant and spend our money only at those establishments that are moral and good and discriminate against those that oppose our morality.

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