President Trump Submits IQ Test Results - Proves All the Haters Wrong

President Trump has submitted his official IQ test results to a federal judiciary board looking into allegations of libel and slander against him by prominent news outlets like CNN and MSNBC. According to court filings, the White House is “seeking relief from the bald-faced lies constantly coming from the left.”

When the clerk-magistrate suggested he simply take an IQ test and submit the results, the President was happy to oblige. The lawsuit Trump plans to file is in response to statements like these:

  • Trump is as dumb as a box of really dumb rocks.
  • Trump couldn’t think his way out of a paper bag.
  • Trump isn’t the dumbest pile of turd to ever hold public office, but yes, he really is.
  • The only thing dumber than Trump is a Trump supporter. And even that is questionable.

The President says he’s tired of all the insults and says the IQ test should clear it up. The test results are as follows:

“The subject answered 1,094 questions pertaining to the arts, sciences, and pop culture. On the Einstein scale, his IQ measured at 161, or one point above genius. The test was administered in a closed, secure setting with twelve witnesses present.”

161. Take that, liberals.

*President Trump's IQ test was administered by The Center for a Right America. Three doctors of middle school education prepared and asked the questions, ranging from spelling of words up to and including three syllables, multiplication tables though 7, and reading comprehension on the Seuss scale of 1-109. President Trump's results were graded on a curve that implies the score plus 100 equals actual IQ.


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