CA Governor Plans New Senate Building….On Top Of Veteran Graves

The truth is right in front of you

Just in time for Halloween, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced plans to build a shiny, new, glass Senate structure today that will be a “recreation and play facility for Senatorial government employees.” What’s the Halloween connection, you ask? The $95 million waste of taxpayer money is to be built directly on top of a veteran’s cemetery.

That’s right - the land, which is adjacent to the capital, was bought by the state last year for an undisclosed price and Newson had originally intended to transport the deceased in the Joseph Barron Memorial Cemetery to another location. That was bad enough, as the dead should be allowed to rest where interred, but now the Governor has decided that would be “too costly and a burden on the taxpayers of California” so he is instead building directly on top of the heroes of conflicts gone by.

Newsom tries to give a  justification for his decision:

“They’re dead. They don’t care.

And to the families - You wanted them to be left to rest. This accomplishes that.”

Moving any deceased remains is ugly, heartless, and sacrilegious, but to move our soldiers is something else entirely. It is, perhaps, the greatest crime of all.

Putting aside for a moment the sacrilege, has Newsom never seen “Poltergeist”?  That house went over a cemetery and look what happened to the people inside

This cannot end well


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